Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hybrid Schooling

I guess you can see from my lack of blogging that hybrid schooling has taken over my life.  While I thought I'd have some "free" time on campus days when the kiddos are away, that hasn't been the case.  Every week I feel the need to run a million errands while I have the freedom.  Blogging has taken a back burner but hopefully now that we are well into the semester I'll have more time for it.

So far we have sunk our teeth into Latin, ancient Egypt, multiplying and dividing fractions, biology, history of medicine, science experiments, essay writing, Middle East geography, states and capitals, Abraham Lincoln...I'm sure I'm missing something.  One thing's for sure, hybrid school ain't no joke.  ha!  Can I say ain't on a homeschool blog?!

Our current science experiment is algae growth in pond water.  Lucky for us, we have a pond in our back yard so we didn't have to go far to gather our materials.  We've had fun watching the little bacteria dart back and forth in the jar.  We are to check the growth after 7 days and then again at day 14.  After my 5th grader observes the jar on the last day, she will write up a lab report consisting of the Scientific Method.

Here is a peek at our jar on day 6