Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Venture

For those of y'all that aren't on facebook or aren't friends with me on facebook, I'm now an Uppercase Living demonstrator. I mainly signed up so I could get discounts but the more I get involved the more obsessed with it I get! I have so many crafty ideas in my head and I'm constantly thinking of all the's offices, dorm rooms, classrooms, wedding gifts, birthday gifts. The list could go on and on!!

My first crafty project required a trip to Goodwill. Imagine that. :)
I found 2 identical black frames for $3.99 each. They were in pretty good shape but had a few scratches on them. After a fresh coat of black paint and a good wipe down on the glass they were ready to go.

The expression "Simple" was one of the freebies I got in my demonstrator kit. I love how it turned out!!!



This would also be precious if I had "Mr." and "Mrs." to hang in our master bedroom.

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to get the things I ordered from you.