Thursday, August 7, 2014

Prepping for the school year...

Organized chaos!  That's how I'm feeling right now with our school supplies and books piled high on our desks.  

University style schooling is exactly what it sounds like.  The kids will attend school on campus 2 days a week with professional teachers, administrators , and Head Master and continue homeschooling 3 days a week at home with me, the unprofessional.  Ha!  Lesson plans are uploaded the Friday before so I will print it out and follow the plan all week.  This is such a relief coming off a year of ME planning every subject, every week.  I'm thankful for the reprieve.  

Once I get everything organized for real, I'll post another pic or video showing how we keep it all together.  Organization is the key to sanity.  Trust me.  

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